Solid Gold Time Machine
Disc Jockey Services of Lynchburg, VA has the 
Music and MC for your Wedding Reception or Special Event!
I'm Richard Kent.  You might remember me from local radio in the 1980s: 
WYYD, WGOL, WLVA, WKZZ ("KZ Country") and WBRG.  Since 1990, 
I've been making the music of every era available to event planners 
and their guests.  Requests are encouraged and welcome!

  Solid Gold Time Machine offers affordable, 
all-inclusive rates -- call or email for a quote!
There is no additional charge for setup/take-down time, travel time,or time spent with you 
in a planning meeting.  Everything is covered!  Signed contracts and a minimum $25 deposit 
are required to reserve a date.  Balance is due in full at the conclusion of the event.
   (434) 528-3553

(434) 528-3553​            
Wedding Receptions               Class Reunions
Birthdays                               Anniversaries
Retirements                           Holiday Parties
                   Corporate Events                   
             Analog-To-CD Transfers                
Photo Concept by Valerie Lesiak.  Thanks!