Covid killed the DJ!!!
     My DJ business, that is. In 31+ years, I often had to turn down more         than I could do. Not so in the past year, as covid has affected all of us. 
When it all passes, I'll still be here to provide you 
with the best music possible for your next special event!

 Hi!  I'm Richard Kent.  Thanks for visiting my site!
You might remember me from Lynchburg radio in the 80's on  
WYYD, WGOL, "KZ Country," WLVA and WBRG. 
Since 1990, I've been providing music for special events:
                               Class Reunions     Birthdays     Retirements                       
            Holiday Parties     Anniversaries     Corporate Events
   (Sorry, I am no longer doing wedding receptions)
          Solid Gold Time Machine features:
         ** CLASSIC "TOP 40" ...  
       "The memories you forgot you had!" from one of the   
            largest collections of "Oldies" and Classic Hits in the USA!       
 ** MODERN ROCK, POP and R&B ... 
      (please note: NO RAP) 
          ** MODERN and CLASSIC COUNTRY ... 
     ** CAROLINA BEACH and SHAG ...
    ** and, even the legendary "BIG BANDS" and crooners
      (434) 528-3553   
     Photo Concept by Valerie Lesiak   www.picture-book-studio.com   THANKS!

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