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            Class Reunions                        Birthdays                        
            Retirements                           Holiday Parties
            Anniversaries                         Corporate Events

                           Analog-To-CD Duplication

            Music for your Class Reunion or Special Event may 
           be selected from ANY and ALL of these categories:
                  ** CLASSIC "TOP 40" ... 
   "The memories you forgot you had!"           
from one of the largest, most-complete collections 
of "Oldies" and Classic Hits in USA!  
The mid 1950s through the 1990s ...

 ** MODERN ROCK, POP and R&B ... 
Current and Recent Chart Toppers 
                           from 2000 through the present ...                               
(Please note: NO RAP; NO "HIP-HOP")

          ** MODERN and CLASSIC COUNTRY ...             
Today's top hits, AND classics 
from the last 70 YEARS!

     ** CAROLINA BEACH and SHAG ...


     ** and the legendary "BIG BANDS" and crooners                        from the 1930s through the 1950s!
Photo Concept by Valerie Lesiak.  Thanks!